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078. Question:- “Would Jesus Be In Favour Of Gay Marriage? What Does The Bible Say?”

Answer: Jesus did not speak about gay marriage. It was not something He would have received from the Old Testament scriptures. He saw the Scriptures as being the word of God. He knew them. He obeyed them, He patterned His … Continue reading

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077. Question. “What Does The Bible Say About ‘Gay Marriage’? Is There A Simple Answer?”

Answer:- The simple answer is that the Bible doesn’t mention gay marriage. Marriage in the Bible always refers to the union between a man and a woman. However it’s an important topic to look at as there are many nations … Continue reading

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Index of Blogs

INDEX of blogs by Jim Holbeck based on date posted Clicking on numbers below will take you to those blogs. No.001. FORGIVENESS. To Forgive. Is it possible? 2011/02/04 No.002. FORGIVENESS. Do I Need To Be Forgiven? Do I Need To Forgive? Some answers. … Continue reading

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