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426. Some Holbeck Blog News September 2022

Over recent months I have been writing blog articles based on the New Testament readings for year C in the Lectionary Readings which are used in churches throughout the world. I have now finished those readings for Year C which … Continue reading

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I wrote this the night before my late wife’s Thanksgiving service in Port Macquarie on Monday 11th November. Because there were massive fires throughout the state of NSW, it meant that a lot of folk who wanted to come to … Continue reading

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186. SOME NEWS re Holbeck blogs

I am hoping to do a number of things on my blog in coming months. When one is nearing 81 one discovers that time is limited in which to make contributions to life. So I propose to do the following. … Continue reading

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A Notice. Help In Navigating Holbeck Blogs. Answers to “Where can I find…?

My apologies to those of you who misread the title of this blog. It is Holbeck “blogs” and not Holbeck “bogs”. You may have always wanted to navigate your way around the Holbeck moor (bog?) near the city of Leeds … Continue reading

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032. Suggestions for Searching Through Holbeck Blogs

Friends recently asked us whether it was possible to find things more easily in the articles. So a search has brought some results. You may find the suggestions useful in searching through the blogs. We have put these in the order … Continue reading

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