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281. The Incredible Rescue of Footballers in Thailand. A Prayer-Answering God. Some Thoughts On Psalm 139.

What do you do about a world increasingly getting into chaos? For example, you have climate and other scientists disagreeing violently with each other over the place of carbon dioxide in so-called global warming. That may be understandable but the … Continue reading

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280. An amazing, amazing story! An “insignificant” man who made a “SIGNIFICANT” contribution to this world. “Heaven tonight?”

Sometimes we wonder whether we have ever made any sort of impact for good in the life of another person. At a recent dinner I was reminded of the story of an ordinary fellow who tried to help others find … Continue reading

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279. Factors Influencing Mental Health. Human Enemy No.1. “The world”. [Macro version].

In a previous article (No.270) I listed the 3 main enemies to the mental health of humans as being the World, the Flesh and the Devil. Believers are asked to renounce them as a means of coming out from under … Continue reading

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277. Time to elect a new Race Discrimination Commissioner in Australia.  I have a suggestion!

It would appear that our previous Race Discrimination Commissioners  have been very decent people. However, some of their decisions have left a lot of people wondering just how in touch with reality they have been. It is an important position … Continue reading

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273. “Good Friday!” What the “Good” God did for an undeserving world. The truth in Isaiah 44:22 for today!

“I have blotted out your transgressions like a cloud and your sins like mist; return to me, for I have redeemed you.” Isaiah 44:22.  “Will that heavy cloud ever lift?” That was the question in my mind as I drove our … Continue reading

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266.Why do people do evil things? (Another High School Shooting Tragedy in the USA.)

Australians recoiled in horror when they heard the news of yet another school shooting in the USA. Parents and Grandparents throughout the world can only begin to imagine the shock and pain and the sense of loss being experienced in … Continue reading

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261. Who is Jesus? He is The Saviour. (Second in a series of 4 on Jesus)

In the previous article I wrote that I was trying to look at the significance of Jesus for today. In the First article No.260 we looked at Jesus the Creator of the universe. In this Second article we look at … Continue reading

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