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095. Real Life Stories. “Just whisper Jesus’ name. He is only a prayer away.”

All of us have had significant moments in life. It may have been a chance meeting with a stranger. That meeting helped change the course of our life. Or someone said just one sentence or even a short phrase. As … Continue reading

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094. Galatians 6 outline. Paul Sums Up His Epistle. Freedom Not Bondage!

In this final chapter Paul summarised much of what he had written in the previous chapters. He wanted the believers in Galatia to walk in victory and not return to the legalism being advocated by the false teachers. The latter … Continue reading

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093. Galatians 5. Outline. The Choice We Face. To Live God’s Way Or Our Way?

Paul here describes the gospel message. He states that these facts were true. Christ has set believers free. They are not to go back under slavery to the law of the Old Testament. The false teachers were trying to get … Continue reading

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092. Galatians 4. Overview. The Freedom Of The Children of God.

In chapter 3 we saw that the blessing of Abraham referred to the promise of the Holy Spirit who was to be to be received by Gentiles who trusted in Christ.  (3:13)  Christ redeemed us from the curse of the … Continue reading

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091. What’s happening in the USA? An American analysis of the 2012 Election race

There used to be a saying that whatever happened in the USA would eventually (in ten years or so)  trickle out here to Australia. However we live in a different world where we see and hear the Presidential candidates talking at their respective Conferences … Continue reading

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090. Boak Jobbins. (1947–2012). Former Dean of Sydney. A Tribute From A Former Colleague

As one who worked alongside Boak in the Cathedral for his entire tenure there, I was privileged to see first-hand one of those “unforgettable characters” whom you seldom find in life. Many found great pleasure listening to his deep resonant … Continue reading

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089. Humans. Basically Good? Or Prone To Evil? Mark 7:20-23

Someone once said to me, “I don’t think the description of the Fall of humankind in Genesis 3 is relevant for today. Humans are basically good.” I felt like saying, “Brother, what planet have you come from? It’s certainly not … Continue reading

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088. Galatians 3. Jesus Is God’s Only Way To Himself

Introduction: In this chapter Paul is showing the contrast between the works of the law (trying to obey them) and faith in Jesus Christ. The natural way of thinking was that one had to do something to get right with … Continue reading

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