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125. “What’s Wrong With The World?” Humans Replaced God With Idols! Romans 1:18-32

In previous articles we looked at St Paul’s description of how God as Creator had revealed Himself in His creation. His creatures were meant to willingly submit to Him. However they incurred His wrath by rejecting Him. Their rebellion had … Continue reading

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124. “What’s Wrong With The World?” Revolting Humans! That’s What! (An Overview of Romans 1:17-32)

St Paul shows us very clearly in this chapter why the world is in such a mess. We will follow his line of thought as he explains the situation in these verses in Romans 1:17-32. He shows us that humans … Continue reading

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123. What’s Wrong With The World? Rebellion Against God! Romans 1:17-18

“The world is in a mess!” Countless people around the world would agree with that statement. But why is it so? God has some answers. He used St Paul to express in Romans 1 some good news and some bad … Continue reading

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122. Healing. A Hidden Gem In The Story Of The Centurion In Luke7

In my last article I wrote of the “such faith” of the Centurion that astounded Jesus and brought wonderful healing to someone in desperate need. As I was writing I was led to reflect not only on the special faith … Continue reading

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121. Healing. What Characterised The “Such Faith” Of The Centurion In Luke 7:1-10?

Sometimes people have amazed us. It may have been some unexpected aspect of their character. Or it may be that we were amazed at the things they said. That was the impact that Jesus had on people. But it may … Continue reading

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