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388. The Basis of a Healing Ministry. [A sermon I preached in a healing service in St Andrew’s Cathedral in1997.] No1 in a series of 2.

[ This can be heard in audio format under Jim Holbeck on Spotify.] THE SIGNIFICANCE OF JESUS.   One of the reasons why God has blessed this healing ministry over 37 years is the place we have given to Jesus Christ … Continue reading

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130. A Tribute. Bishop Dudley Foord. 1923-2013. (Double E, Double E) Evangelism

The name of Dudley Foord will be remembered by many with the introduction of Evangelism Explosion to Australia. Many of us came from long distances to the Conferences he held in Sydney as he promoted  this form of Evangelism. Evangelism … Continue reading

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121. Healing. What Characterised The “Such Faith” Of The Centurion In Luke 7:1-10?

Sometimes people have amazed us. It may have been some unexpected aspect of their character. Or it may be that we were amazed at the things they said. That was the impact that Jesus had on people. But it may … Continue reading

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099. John Chapman. 1930-2012. Gospel Lover And Gospel Preacher. A Tribute

It was a surprise to learn that John Chapman had passed away. I read the report just after we had arrived back in Sydney from conducting a Healing Mission in Florida. I realised afresh that he had a big part … Continue reading

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098. What Do You Want Jesus To Do For You? Mark 10:35-45

(Adapted from a sermon preached at Winter Park, Florida on Sunday 21 October 2012) We are looking at the words from our Gospel passage. James and John, the sons of Zebedee, came up to Jesus and said to him, “Teacher, … Continue reading

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097. Healing a Church, a City and a Nation. 2 Chronicles 7:14

(Adapted from a sermon preached in Florida on the night of the 2012 Presidential elections.)  (2Ch 7:14)  If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, … Continue reading

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096. The Father God Who Delights To Answer His Children’s Prayers

It’s always encouraging to hear how God has answered prayer. Several years ago my wife and I returned to Florida to do a Healing Mission at an Episcopal Church where we had ministered several times before.  We attended church just … Continue reading

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090. Boak Jobbins. (1947–2012). Former Dean of Sydney. A Tribute From A Former Colleague

As one who worked alongside Boak in the Cathedral for his entire tenure there, I was privileged to see first-hand one of those “unforgettable characters” whom you seldom find in life. Many found great pleasure listening to his deep resonant … Continue reading

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026. John Richards. A Teacher On Christian Renewal And Healing. Died 19th June 2011. An Australian Tribute

One Australian website describes John Richard’s  book “But Deliver us from Evil” as a “classic piece of work” in relation to the study of deliverance and freedom from the powers of darkness.  I am among those around the world who … Continue reading

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