303. Thank you! A big “Thank you” for reading the articles on my blog-site!

There is a famous story, told in many versions, of a foreigner travelling in Ireland who asked a local for directions. The local obliged with a tortuous description of the complicated route. Then he added these extremely helpful words, “But if I were you, I wouldn’t start from here!” What wise words!  It’s always much easier to start from a more advantageous situation!

I thought of that when I hoped to reach a goal of 100,00 hits on my blogsite. Starting at 76 years of age after being retired for 5 years and living in virtual anonymity was not a good background for achieving a such a goal. But at last the numbers are in!

So I would like to thank all those who looked at some of the 300 plus articles and especially those who recommended the blogsite to others. WordPress have a summary of each blogsite and they tell me that that at the moment I have had 100,022 ‘hits’ from 56,258 people from 190 countries or regions.  The first 25 countries in the order of the number of ‘hits’ on the blogsite were the United States, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Canada, India, South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, European Union, New Zealand. Malaysia, Kenya, Ghana, Germany, United Arab Emirate, Hong Kong, China, Jamaica, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago. Surprisingly within the first 50 were also [in order[ Oman, Qatar, Burma, Russia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Brunei and Romania.

I have always thought that if only one person in one of these countries was helped, then the effort put into producing the articles would have been worthwhile. I pray the good Lord may use these articles [and hopefully some new ones] to bring blessing to needy individuals in different parts of His world.

Expressing my gratitude to you for your interest and support.

Blog No 303 posted on http://www.jimholbeck.blog on Tuesday 13th November 2018


About Jim Holbeck

Once an Industrial Chemist working for the Queensland Government but later an Anglican minister in Brisbane, Armidale and Sydney. Last position for eighteen years before retirement in 2006 was as the Leader of the Healing Ministry at St Andrew's Cathedral Sydney.
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