313. A Tribute To A Humble Servant of God. Bruce Robert Moon. 1941 to 2019.

It was a great privilege for us as a retired clergy group in Port Macquarie [called the Amigos], to ask Bruce Moon to join our group. Some of us had known Bruce for many years and had ministered with him or for him over previous decades. I remember taking an all-day session on Healing that he arranged at Wahroonga in Sydney when I was in charge of the Healing Ministry at St Andrew’s Cathedral. It was very obvious how much he and Julie loved the Lord and how they both desperately longed for people to experience the saving and healing touch of Jesus. Bruce was not an ordained clergyman but had perhaps more experience in ministry than many ordained folk. His experience in setting captives free from the occult and from other forms of the powers of darkness was highly valued in developing countries and churches. It was only natural he should join us and share his experience and spiritual wisdom with us. He certainly did that and he was a great blessing to us since his retirement to Port Macquarie.

His ministry was especially valued by those to whom he ministered in overseas countries as part of [and later the head of] SOMA Sharing of Ministries Abroad outreach teams. That was obvious in the warm messages of thanks he received from those to whom he ministered who are now Archbishops and Senior Clergy of some of the biggest Anglican churches in the world. Some have expressed profound sorrow at his passing whilst continuing to be very grateful for the contribution he made to their personal lives, to their churches and to their dioceses.

I have asked permission of someone who knew him very well over many years and who ministered together in the past, to share in this article a tribute he posted on Facebook.  The permission was granted. This is the tribute.

“BRUCE MOON, a long-term, close friend, a beloved fellow-servant of our Lord Jesus and a faithful witness to the power of the Gospel, was the Australian leader of SOMA Ministries and invited Frieda and me to serve under his leadership in a SOMA mission under the oversight of Bishop James Wong and the Anglican Diocese of the Seychelles.

Two weeks ago God called Bruce “home” most unexpectedly. Bruce and Julie, his sweet, devoted and delightful “help-meet” of 52 years, have made Port Macquarie home for the past 6-7 years.

Frieda and I give praise to God for the privilege He gave us not only to have Bruce and Julie as close Christian friends but also to be fellow-travellers with them in their and our journeys of faith.

Bruce, by profession an engineer of international standing in the pharmaceutical world, was a man of the Spirit, wisdom and faith. God used him to pray for the healing of many sick and the deliverance of many demon-afflicted people in many places and different countries, often giving him the joy to witness wonderful miracles of deliverance and healing.

Then around ten years ago, Bruce himself was suddenly struck down with a devastating eye problem which overnight left him legally blind. But he and Julie – together with a team of faithful intercessors – refused to accept this as his “fate.” He – and we – began to pray for Bruce’s healing. Over the following months, we witnessed a miracle of healing unfolding – first from 5% vision, Bruce reported an improvement to 10%, then to 40%, until God gave him back close to 90% vision – all because Bruce and Julie believed and encouraged us to believe with them in the God who heals.

Then several years ago, Julie suffered a life-threatening illness. Again Bruce and Julie went to prayer and together with them we have been witnessing more of the same – God’s healing touch in the face of the doctor’s very negative prognosis.

Bruce is no longer with us but he has left us a legacy of strong and persevering faith in a God who is alive and at work through His Spirit in and through the lives of His people who trust in Him. We honour Bruce and Julie for their genuine, enduring love for us, their strong support for our Equip & Encouragement International ministries, their clear and practical words of encouragement and occasionally correction and their example both of a husband and wife truly one in life and faith and of believing prayer in the face of human impossibilities.

Well done, my good friend, Bruce, faithful servant of our Lord Jesus. We’ll meet again soon around the Throne! Hallelujah!” Graham and Frieda Roberts.

WE would add a very loud “AMEN!”

Bruce was highly regarded in the secular world as well. The International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers awarded him a “Distinguished Service Award” in 2007. International awards like that don’t come easily. Especially for Australians! It showed a recognition of the value of his work in that industry over many years. It also showed the huge personal respect he gained amongst his peers as a person from “down-under” on the international stage.

WE extend to Julie and to all the family our deep sadness at Bruce’s passing but rejoice with them for the kind, loving and deep legacy he has left with all of us who knew and respected him for his decency, integrity and personal support.

Blog No.313 posted on http://www.jimholbeck.blog on Sunday 10th February 2019

About Jim Holbeck

Once an Industrial Chemist working for the Queensland Government but later an Anglican minister in Brisbane, Armidale and Sydney. Last position for eighteen years before retirement in 2006 was as the Leader of the Healing Ministry at St Andrew's Cathedral Sydney.
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