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220. Changing The World Through Believing Prayer! Helping people move from where they are, to where God wants them to be! (The audio of a sermon preached on 18th June 2017 refers to the diagram.)

How can you pray for people in a way that helps them move from where they are at the moment, to where they are open to receive all God has for them in His Son?  How can we help people … Continue reading

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195. SUMMARY Of Articles On Sexuality And Same sex marriage

A number of folk have asked me to do a summary of some of my articles which have relevance to sexuality and to proposed same-sex marriage. That would be a pretty hefty tome. So instead, I am putting some of … Continue reading

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056. Jesus Sets The Captives Free. Mark 1:21-28.

Jesus began His ministry with the news that the kingdom of God had come in Himself. That meant that He would be operating with Kingdom authority in the various aspects of His ministry. God’s power would be at work through … Continue reading

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