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368. A Modern Problem Of Hatred, Discrimination And Judgmentalism. A Reason and the Answer! God’s Plan For A Peaceful World Where Everybody Matters.

In recent days we have heard and seen a lot of words that were hardly used, if ever, in journals, newspapers, live TV or in general conversations. Sometimes they are uttered with such vehemency that you feel that there must … Continue reading

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247.The Humility of Spirit-filled Believers. Pardon? Say that again! Ephesians 5:18-21

“Pardon! I must have heard you incorrectly. Did you say the humility of Spirit-filled believers?” That would be an oxymoron for sure in the view of many. [NOTE 1} It may be that your experience of people purporting to be … Continue reading

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093. Galatians 5. Outline. The Choice We Face. To Live God’s Way Or Our Way?

Paul here describes the gospel message. He states that these facts were true. Christ has set believers free. They are not to go back under slavery to the law of the Old Testament. The false teachers were trying to get … Continue reading

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089. Humans. Basically Good? Or Prone To Evil? Mark 7:20-23

Someone once said to me, “I don’t think the description of the Fall of humankind in Genesis 3 is relevant for today. Humans are basically good.” I felt like saying, “Brother, what planet have you come from? It’s certainly not … Continue reading

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