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380. Reflecting On The Contribution of All Saints Anglican Church Booval [Ipswich] To Jim And Carole Holbeck

INTRODUCTION The Anglican Church at All Saints Booval recently celebrated 125 years of ministry in the Booval to Redbank area between Ipswich and Brisbane in Queensland. In the 1950’s and 1960’s there was a significant move of the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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377. Honouring a Very Special Person! Carole Ann Holbeck, 1943 -2019

On the 22nd January 2021 I would have been celebrating with my wife our 55th Wedding Anniversary. However the Lord took her home to Himself on the 31st October 2019, but not before we had enjoyed over 50 years of … Continue reading

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331. Ephesians 4:25-32. Encouragements To Live As A Christian. God’s Advice In How To Do It! [In The Series “Praying Through Ephesians.”]

In this final part of Ephesians 4 we find that God, through Paul, gave instructions designed to help believers to “love our neighbours as ourselves.” He reminds his readers that “we are members of one another” in the body of … Continue reading

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244. How can we learn to rejoice no matter what? An answer in Philippians 4. [The Epistle for Pentecost 19 in 2017.]

“Rejoice always.” Some people may say, “I wish I could!” Others may think,  “How cruel to say such a thing. My life is just so difficult!” Still others may say, “We don’t think it is humanly possible to be always … Continue reading

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No.163. The Person of Jesus. Session 3 of 4. JESUS THE “LORD”

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE FACT THAT JESUS IS “LORD” The New Testament word “Kurios” can mean Lord, master, owner. It is also used as the New Testament Greek equivalent for the Old Testament Hebrew word “Jehovah” or “Yahweh”. It was … Continue reading

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No.161. The Person of Jesus. Session 1 of 4. Jesus as the CREATOR

This is the first of 4 teaching sessions at Port Macquarie, Australia, which focussed on the Person of Jesus as The Creator of the universe, as the Saviour of the world, as the Lord of the Universe and as the … Continue reading

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