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383. Jesus the Creator. Number 1 of 4 topics.

[This is the first of 4 topics, the others being, Jesus the Saviour, Jesus the The Lord and Jesus the Judge.] This is suitable for personal reading or for using as a study in a Bible Study group. It has … Continue reading

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We have seen many different changes in the debate about the human contribution to climate change and there have been many suggestions given as to how to “save the world.” Our Chief Scientist in Australia as well as many other … Continue reading

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260. Who is Jesus? He is the Creator! (First in a Series of 4 on Jesus).

In this series of You Tube audio (not video) tapes on the Person of Jesus, I hope to look at the significance of Jesus in today’s world. There are many folk throughout the world who believe that He is the … Continue reading

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No.163. The Person of Jesus. Session 3 of 4. JESUS THE “LORD”

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE FACT THAT JESUS IS “LORD” The New Testament word “Kurios” can mean Lord, master, owner. It is also used as the New Testament Greek equivalent for the Old Testament Hebrew word “Jehovah” or “Yahweh”. It was … Continue reading

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